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Having a solid outlook on the future development of the balance sheet, cash flows, the financing requirement and financial covenants is important in determining the financing strategy.

The need for a financial model can arise when:

  • There is a new strategy, but not a good financial perspective beyond the budget for the future.

  • What is the impact of a (major) acquisition or investment on my balance sheet and financial covenants?

  • How sensitive is my financial performance in different scenarios and (raw material) price fluctuations?

  • How do I get a better view of my short and / or long term cash flows?

Together with the customer, we further identify their needs. Then we first work out the model setup before we start building. We complete the model after an interactive process with short sprints. In the completion phase we ensure a good transfer so that the model can be used internally by the customer.


Long term forecasting, scenario and sensitivity analysis

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If you need a financial model or support in the field of modelling, please contact Toon Luttikhuis.