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Toon Luttikhuis

Toon Luttikhuis

Partner Debt Advisory


Financing affects many stakeholders with specific issues:

  • Which capital structure and dividend policy is appropriate for the company taking into account the market and growth phase?

  • How does my business finance our growth ambitions (and acquisitions)?

  • Do I have to go to the (private) capital market or not?

  • How do I shape intercompany funding and transfer pricing?


Based on our experience, extensive market knowledge and research, we form a strong basis for answering these issues. Clients appreciate our focused approach and efficient use of time.

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Sounding board for the management of Maxeda DIY in relation to various treasury & finance topics


Intercompany pricing


Benchmark capital structure and financing policy


Financing strategy

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Support in arranging new receivable financing facility

If you are looking for advice on Financing, please contact Toon Luittikhuis.