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Case study Treamo: TFM for AHT Group

How long have you been using TFM at your group?

BJ: TFM was launched throughout the group in September 2018 and has since been a key element of cash reporting and liquidity management at the AHT Group.

Why did your company opt for TFM and what were the key decision-making criteria?

GH: We soon came across TFM while looking for an effective liquidity management solution which could be implemented swiftly. What ultimately convinced us was the uncomplicated implementation plan, the user friendliness without having to perform extensive training at our numerous subsidiaries, as well as the easy scalability of the individual applications. The very direct support provided by Treamo during the launch phase and the regular additions of new and the improvement of existing features were also a major advantage.

What’s more, we wanted as much flexibility as possible in terms of the applications; something which was possible due to the solution being Cloud-based. Another factor which was particularly important was the simple usability and the minimal IT investments necessary, which meant that there was very little need to commit internal resources at HQ and our subsidiaries.

Which TFM modules do you use? (Cash Position, Cash Flow Forecasting)

BJ: AHT uses the Cash Position module for daily bank data reporting, including an overview of current credit limits and the bank report, but e.g. also for the regular monitoring of account signatories.

The Cash Flow Forecasting module is used for our rolling cash flow planning and forecasting.

Which main areas do you deal with using TFM and at which intervals?

  • Cash reporting: Cash balances on all accounts are imported or captured once per day to give us an up-to-date, group-wide financial status.

  • Cash flow forecasting: The rolling cash flow forecast for the coming 13 weeks (on a weekly basis) is updated and prepared on a weekly basis.

  • Management reporting: Management at AHT is informed about the current cash position (account balances) and the cash flow forecast on a weekly basis.

  • Plan/actual comparisons: For the weekly rolling forecast, we prepare a plan/actual comparison which is then taken into account in the new cash flow forecast.

How long did it take to roll out TFM at your group?

BJ: The launch of TFM as well as the training at our subsidiaries was completed in under two months.

Was an existing cash flow forecasting tool replaced by TFM?

GH: Prior to TFM being implemented, our cash flow forecasting was performed using Excel. Due to the growing scale and complexity of our group, this was becoming increasingly intolerable, which is why we started looking for a professional solution that was nonetheless easy to use.

How well was the solution accepted by your group subsidiaries?

GH: It goes without saying that every change is initially met with a certain degree of skepticism. Due to TFM’s intuitive and simple user interface, however, staff soon felt comfortable with the system and, ultimately, all users and recipients of reports are constantly benefiting from the greater degree of transparency and forecasting reliability. Our significantly improved cash management and the efficient reporting within the group certainly played a major role in the acceptance of this tool.

How much time did you need to invest in training at your subsidiaries?

GH: The level of training required was low compared to the implementation of other solutions in the area of finance.

BJ: The training with our subsidiaries was carried out with the aid of Skype calls (1 to 2 hours per training group). In addition, we also have detailed process descriptions and documentation of the tasks performed in TFM. Another advantage was that the existing and familiar reporting system was reflected in TFM.

Which tool do you use to prepare more in-depth reports?

GH: We mainly use Excel reports for this at the moment. It is of course possible to import data into the Power BI tool which we use extensively, and this represents an option for the further development of reporting requirements.

How good is the support provided by Treamo and how often have you needed support services?

BJ: The support provided by Treamo during the launch was also a major advantage

AHT – Interview with Gabriel Hirner / Vice President Finance and Birgit Jarz / Head of Treasury, December 2019

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