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Join our colleague Robyn for a day!

In a previous blog you could already get a look behind the scenes at the working day of our colleague Leon. Today our colleague Robyn, Commercial Secretary, will take you on her exciting working day at Orchard Finance.

You have just arrived at the office. Ready for the day! Tell me, what does your workplace look like?

We don't officially have fixed workplaces, but you do notice that everyone has his or her own favorite spot. Every workplace is the same with an adjustable desk if you like to work standing and an extra screen, so you can work comfortably anywhere. I usually sit at the reception so I can answer telephone and when guests come I can welcome them at the door.

What is your priority this morning?

My day starts with a meeting with the management. We discuss current matters that I record in our CRM system. Our event planning for 2023 and anniversaries of a few of our colleague were also topics in today's meeting.

This afternoon we have an Emergency Response exercise on the schedule, as the team lead of the Emergency Response team I always like to walk the route to get out of the building in advance.

After lunch we get back to work. What kind of challenges are on the agenda for this afternoon?

Together with a partner, we are going to organize an event for which a separate event page has to be made on the website. For the website, I am also working with my colleague Thijske Noordhoek to renew the look of the website so I will continue to work out the design.

The day is almost over. How do you end the day today?

At the end of the afternoon we have a knowledge session. In this, substantive insights are shared about relevant market developments. We end the day with a drink. The weather is nice so we can sit outside.

Today flew by again. Time to go home.

Robyn, thank you for taking us with you during your workday at Orchard Finance!

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