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TSS August 2020

ION Treasury

In our third Treasury Solution Spotlight, the spotlight is on Treasury Management Systems that ION Treasury has to offer. Orchard Finance will periodically publish a new Solution Spotlight for different Treasury topics.

In a world where selecting the right tools for automation is more important than ever, ION Treasury offers a wide variety of Treasury Management Systems. These system range from basic to advanced and from on-premise to cloud. Solutions are available for different types of organizations and we have selected the systems that we regularly come across and implement in corporate environments.

Orchard Finance has hand-on experience in selecting and implementing multiple Treasury systems, for more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.

ION Treasury - City Financials

ION Treasury is the largest provider of Treasury and Risk Management solutions in the world with over 1,100 direct clients across six continents. Market-leading products include City Financials, IT2, ITS, Openlink, Reval, Treasura, and Wallstreet Suite satisfying the needs of companies of any size, budget, and IT capability.


Best suited for companies seeking strong controls and standard workflows. City Financials is a configurable Treasury and Risk Management solution designed to provide efficiency around standard treasury practices and is implemented quickly and delivered securely in the cloud. It is a cost-effective solution for multinational corporations with centralized Treasuries in need of a strong, standardized control environment. City Financials requires minimal IT support, incorporating pre-configured workflows. It provides a simple logical user experience, easily managed directly within the Treasury operation itself.

ION Treasury - IT2


Best suited for companies seeking a fully integrated Treasury and Risk Management solution where they can define and control their workflows with integrated process maps, workbenches and dashboards. IT2 is highly-configurable, offering a solution that can scale and meet diverse Treasury requirements. Built for the comprehensive needs of international Treasury operations in need of superior cash management and funding capability, IT2 provides an integrated framework for Treasury policy, processes and performance. IT2’s state of the art, flexible integration engine can easily integrate into third-party systems.

Case Study Goshawk

ION Treasury - ITS


Best suited for companies located in Central Europe, needing regional treasury and risk specialization. ITS is a Treasury and Risk Management solution for companies based in Central Europe. With broad and deep capabilities specialized to the region across cash, payments, risk and accounting, ITS meets the needs of treasury organizations from basic to complex. It is available as an on-premises or cloud solution and implemented by our regional professional services team.

Case Study Stedin

ION Treasury - Openlink


Best suited for large multi-national organizations with a commodity intensive supply chain or expansive volumes and Risk Management needs. Openlink is a comprehensive enterprise Treasury and Risk Management solution designed for large commodity-intensive corporations that need extensive asset class coverage to support sophisticated portfolios. Openlink provides the most holistic enterprise risk capabilities and advanced analytics across both physical and financial assets, as well as insights on cash and liquidity, all of which support greater market understanding and timely, evidence-based decision-making.

ION Treasury - Reval


Best suited for companies desiring to always be on the latest version of the software, have it managed by the provider, and be able to seamlessly upgrade without an implementation project. Reval is an innovative enterprise Treasury and Risk Management SaaS solution, enabling clients to be up and running quickly. Reval is a highly scalable, comprehensive and integrated solution that helps companies better manage cash, liquidity and financial risk, and account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities. Reval extends its services through a vast partner community to deliver a seamless user experience.

Case Study Petrofac

ION Treasury - Wallstreet Suite


Best suited for large multi-national organizations with configurable enterprise needs. Wallstreet Suite is an enterprise Treasury and Risk Management solution designed for the unique needs of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. It is a highly configurable and scalable solution, offering multi-entity support and real-time information across all asset classes. It also provides advanced analytics for business decision-making and key performance measurement.

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