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Welcome Alexander!

A good start to the new year! Last fall Alexander joined us as an intern. That went well for both sides, because last month Alexander started as an Analyst. We would like to introduce Alexander to you.

Who are you and what is your background?

Hi! I am Alexander Kraan. I come from Bilthoven and moved to Utrecht six years ago. At that time, I started my bachelor's degree in History at Utrecht University. After a few years, I decided to add the bachelor's degree in Economics & Business Economics. After completing both studies, I started the master in Finance at Tilburg University, which I completed in December 2021.

You started at Orchard Finance as an intern, how did you know you wanted to work at Orchard Finance?

During my internship, I got a first look into the financial world. It was pleasant at the office and there was an open culture. I really liked the pleasant manners and flat hierarchy, it creates a pleasant learning environment. During my internship I was involved in a project, in which I was also allowed to bear responsibilities. The combination of this learning environment and the trust that was placed in me makes Orchard Finance a great starting point for my career.

What do you hope to learn in the coming year?

Next year it is my goal to lay a broad foundation in financial activities. Developing operational and analytical skills are two very important pillars in providing advice. In addition to providing advice, you also need to be able to involve the customer in the process and understand the challenges they face. The start of your career is the ideal time to master these skills.

Which activities or tasks do you get the most satisfaction from?

Developing myself and achieving results in a team. As a starter, every day is dominated by learning. By continuing to learn and being able to positively increase my impact on the end result and the team, you get and give a lot of energy from and to each other. That positive stimulus is fuel for my engine!

What is the most interesting thing about you that is not on your CV?

In the (recent) past I have been active at the highest national level in indoor and beach volleyball. Also activities where hard work in a team is rewarded!

Where do you get energy from besides your position as an Analyst?

I still love sports. I prefer to be on the field or in the gym with a number of mates at the end of the day. Besides volleyball I also like to cycle, which is also a topic I can learn a lot about at Orchard ;).

Cycling is indeed the Orchard sport! Thanks for the insights Alexander and good luck at Orchard Finance. Has Alexander's story piqued your interest? Click here for all open vacancies and maybe we'll see you at our office!

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