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Welcome Aron!

We have good news regarding new talent! Aron started in April at Orchard Finance as a Senior Consultant. So it's time to introduce Aron to you! Are you curious about what it's like to start at Orchard Finance? Aron gives a nice insight into his early days at our office.

Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Aron Nijsse, I live in beautiful Goeree-Flakkee together with my wife and two sons. After my bachelor's degree (Business Administration) and master's degree (Strategic Management and Finance & Investments) at Erasmus University, I started working in Corporate Finance more than 6.5 years ago.

Over the years I have dealt with many different corporate finance issues, including valuations, purchase and sales processes and financing issues. Last year I successfully completed the master's in Business Valuation as an in-depth study, which means that I am now also a Register Valuator.

What character traits are you most proud of?

Keeping agreements and delivering good work is very important to me. Clients expect this from me, but I also expect this from myself.

Which activities or tasks do you get the most satisfaction from?

Completing a successful process in which the client is satisfied gives a feeling of satisfaction. By translating complex financial data into understandable, well-arranged information, I feel I am adding value for the client.

How are you enjoying Orchard Finance so far?

I look back on the 2 months that I have been working here with great pleasure. There is a pleasant working atmosphere at Orchard, with challenging work and great clients for whom we work. I am happy that I have taken this step and I see opportunities for further personal development in the future.

What does your ideal weekend day look like?

On a day off I like to be outside with my family, to play sports or to be busy around the house. I also follow motorsport fanatically, especially Formula 1.

What gives you energy besides your position as a Senior Consultant?

In addition to the analytical work at the office, I like to be more creative in my spare time. For example, I am currently putting the finishing touches on a wooden play castle in the garden.

Thanks for the interview Aron and good luck at Orchard Finance! Has Aron's story piqued your interest? Click here for all open vacancies and maybe we'll see you at our office!

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