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Welcome Stan!

It’s time for team expansion! It is always a festive moment when we welcome new team members. Last month Stan started as Analyst. We would like to introduce Stan to you.

Can you tell us something about yourself and your background?

Hi, I'm Stan. I currently live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and two dogs, but I grew up in Assendelft. I started studying at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. After two years, I started with a propaedeutic certificate at the University of Amsterdam, where I successfully completed my Bachelor (Business Administration) and Master (Corporate Finance).

How did you experience your first week at Orchard Finance?

Excellent! On the first day I received a warm welcome. After a few days of getting to know colleagues and the ins and outs at Orchard, I was immediately involved in a number of interesting and challenging projects. This gave me a good insight into the dynamics of the financial world.

What should not be missing on your desk?

First of all, coffee should not be missed. In addition, I always carry a notebook with me as a reminder during work. I often make to-do lists while working on projects to make sure I don't forget anything.

What qualities of yours should we definitely use?

Of course I've only just started, so I'm discovering that! I think I am good at picking up knowledge and information quickly. I distinguish the main issues from the side issues. Of course, during my studies I also built up a good foundation of knowledge in the field of Corporate Finance, which will certainly come in handy for financing issues and the growing valuation practice at Orchard Finance.

What is the most interesting thing about you that is not on your resume?

I am a hobby cook/barista in my spare time. Once in a while I go to the food wholesaler and cook culinary dishes with special ingredients. I also have a semi-automatic espresso machine at home, which I use to experiment a lot with different types of coffee.

Thanks for the interview Stan and good luck at Orchard Finance! Did Stan's story pique your interest? Click here for all open vacancies and maybe we will meet you at our office.

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