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Orchard Finance Treasury Solutions Guide 2022

Download the Orchard Finance e-book version of the Treasury Solutions guide 2022. A Treasurer's guide to the technology landscape to read later. 

In this comprehensive guide you will learn all you need to know about solutions for Treasurers. Whether you are just getting started or you're an experienced Treasurer, you'll find this guide packed with useful tips and information.

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Orchard Finance Treasury Solutions Guide 2022

A Treasurer's guide to the technology landscape

Financieringsregelingen Nederland

Download the Orchard Finance overview of the financing schemes of the Dutch government.


In this overview you will find a summary of the financing schemes and instruments that should enable market parties to provide financing to Dutch companies. Well-known schemes are the Enterprise Financing Guarantee (GO) and the SME Loans Guarantee (BMKB).

The summary summarizes the most important modalities of the schemes and requirements for the company for each scheme.


As part of the corona support packages for entrepreneurs, many of these financing schemes have been expanded and/or expanded with a special corona module. This is also explained in the overview. 

Supply Chain Finance

Read Orchard Finance's vision on recent trends in supply chain finance here.

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