Treasury Solutions Spotlight 
July 2022

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Treasury Management System (TMS)

In this edition of the Treasury Solution Spotlight, we put the spotlight on various Treasury Management Systems (TMS). This is the first in a series of TMS spotlights for 2022. 


Looking back at a challenging time has proven that the basics of Corporate Treasury operations continue to be key. This especially applies to cash visibility and currency management. Treasury Management Systems support corporate treasuries in their core activities. As our clients are diverse and face their own unique challenges and opportunities, so are their requirements for a TMS. In this spotlight we show several systems that are available for different types of organizations and that we regularly come across and implement in corporate environments.


Orchard Finance has a hands-on approach and experience in using, selecting and implementing a wide range of Treasury systems. For more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.


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Disclaimer: All spotlights are based on the input provided by the vendors.



About Coupa

Coupa empowers all businesses - from Fortune 1000 companies to the
world’s fastest-growing organizations - to unify their supply chain design
and planning, procurement, payments, and treasury processes in one
comprehensive, cloud-based Business Spend Management platform.
Coupa’s community of 2,000+ customers uses the platform to maximize
the value of more than $2.3T of spend to date.


Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and
control they need to spend smarter and safer. By breaking down silos and
unifying the procure to pay process, Coupa provides greater visibility,
control, and scalability of payments, working capital, and treasury. Coupa
Treasury (formerly BELLIN) helps businesses optimize liquidity and spend
by achieving greater visibility and transparency, increasing agility, and
improving forecasting and planning. Businesses gain capabilities to
improve operational performance with automation across multiple
subsidiaries, currencies, accounts, and users and to mitigate security,
compliance, and liquidity risk.

The Coupa Treasury system operates on one simple principle: You can't
control what you can't see. It delivers greater visibility into cash and
payments so companies can make smarter financial decisions and drive
agility by optimizing liquidity and improving forecasting.
Coupa makes a fundamental difference in the world of corporate finance
and procurement and takes treasury to the next level by removing silos
with end-to-end visibility and control from source-to-settle.

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Content Treasury Solutions Guide 2019 - Kyriba logo_edited.png

About Kyriba
Kyriba empowers over 65,000 users from circa 2,000 corporates in 100
countries with award-winning solutions for Cash & Risk Management,
payments and supply chain finance. Kyriba delivers a highly secure, 100%
SaaS enterprise platform, superior bank connectivity and a seamlessly
integrated solution set.


Our leading platform offers a complete service to the largest online Treasury community in the world. Kyriba’s innovative approach enables confidence in cash visibility and empowers CFOs, corporate Treasurers and finance teams to make strategic investment decisions. Through implementing Kyriba, clients enjoy the benefits of our modular, scalable, 100% SaaS solution that requires only a fraction of the investment of traditional legacy systems, providing real-time and secure access to the single source of truth. Kyriba delivers a full business continuity solution and is audited to SOC 2 Type 2 standard to ensure that our clients are in compliance with their own IT security policies.



About Cobase

Cobase offers a highly secure all-in-one multi-banking solution for companies that have accounts at many different banks. Companies that hold accounts with different banks face many inefficiencies. They have to use different bank portals to access their accounts or other financial services, and multiple ERP connections may need to be maintained. The more different banks and accounts a company has, the more complex it gets. Our mission is to make working with multiple banks more efficient. This process is never finished, every day we make it easier. Cobase is licensed and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) as a payment service provider.


Main features of the platform are the central Payment Hub, Cash Management and Treasury modules. The combination of this functionality with many bank connections in one place offers tremendous financial and operational efficiency, especially for medium and large size companies. A key differentiator is that Cobase has many bank connections available as a fully managed service. Users and authorization schemes can be centrally managed, across banks, for all subsidiaries or departments and only one security token is needed for each user. Additional features such as Liquidity Forecasting, FX Trading, FX Risk Management with Auto Hedging and Cash Pooling (Target Balancing) are also available.

Case Study
The client cases reflect two different use cases of the Cobase platform as a full Cash Management or Treasury System or primarily as a payment hub with strong bank connectivity. The first client case is about Lely an international family company in the agricultural sector that operates in 45 different countries, which means a widespread banking network and many bank accounts. That successfully implemented the Cobase Treasury System. The second client case is about Royal Cosun, drawing on the strengths of five business groups – Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Cosun Beet Company and SVZ, offers a wide range of distinct products and services. Royal Cosun makes use of Cobase as a payment hub with strong bank connectivity.

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Content Treasury Solutions Guide 2019 - Trinity TMS logo_edited.png


About Trinity

Trinity is a leading software company with a clear focus on optimization and automation of Treasury processes of companies in all sectors. The triad "your Treasury - your way - our software" underlines the company's philosophy of automating treasury with a strict focus on customer benefits


Trinity gives customers the security and safety of a high-performance, Treasury System for managing global liquidity and risk positions across the enterprise. Compliance, safety and regulatory requirements are met and documented in an audit-proof manner.

More than 3,000 Treasury experts in companies of different size and from various industries can focus on their core mission: ensuring global liquidity and risk minimization to make a noticeable contribution to added value of their entire company.

Trinity is used in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Agri, Banks, Chemicals, Defence, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Logistics, Municipalities, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Real Estate, Retail, Telecom and Trade.


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About ION Treasury

ION Treasury delivers unique treasury and risk management solutions to organizations of all sizes, offering both on-premises and cloud options. Our award-winning solutions help manage liquidity and mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risk. Together with a global community of over 1,100 clients, we are shaping the future of treasury and risk management technology. 


Best suited for companies seeking a fully integrated Treasury and risk management solution where they can define and control their workflows with integrated process maps, workbenches and dashboards. IT2 is highly configurable, offering a solution that can scale and meet diverse treasury requirements. Built for the comprehensive needs of international treasury operations in need of superior cash management and funding capability, IT2 provides an integrated framework for Treasury policy, processes and performance. IT2’s state of the art, flexible integration engine can easily integrate into third-party systems.

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Zakelijke bijeenkomst

ION: Reval

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About ION Treasury

ION Treasury delivers unique treasury and risk management solutions to organizations of all sizes, offering both on-premises and cloud options. Our award-winning solutions help manage liquidity and mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risk. Together with a global community of over 1,100 clients, we are shaping the future of treasury and risk management technology. 


Best suited for companies desiring to always be on the latest version of the software, have it managed by the provider, and be able to seamlessly upgrade without an implementation project. Reval is an innovative enterprise Treasury and Risk Management SaaS solution, enabling clients to be up and running quickly. Reval is a highly scalable, comprehensive and integrated solution that helps companies better manage cash, liquidity and financial risk, and account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities. Reval extends its services through a vast partner community to deliver a seamless user experience.

Treasury Systems

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About Treasury Systems

Treasury Systems is a leading TMS supplier to corporate Treasury
departments in Northern Europe. With our next-generation SaaS we are
pushing the envelope to provide Treasury know-how, cost efficiency and
best-in-class support to the end-user on a brand new technological


Treasury Systems is a next generation cloud-based TMS. Treasury Systems is built for performance, agility and security. We use a modern and clean UI for easy, intuitive navigation and unmatched usability. Our technological strategy ensures a future-proof service for managing risk, accounting, liquidity and reporting on complex financial instruments. Automation is at the core of our system enabling Treasury teams to spend more time on quality analysis rather than heavy administrative tasks. With industry-leading short time to go live enabled by low learning curves, automation and modern cloud technologies we provide a highly scalable, secure and modern experience for our customers.

Financieel rapport
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Treasury Metrics

About Ilfa

Ilfa wants every organisation to have the right financial means, knowledge, and insight to realise their ambitions. We can support a client in every stage of the financial process. From advice to execution, Ilfa stands beside the entrepreneur and guides them through the financial world. We are involved, competent, hands-on, and offer solutions which were previously inaccessible. We have all the required knowledge and skills in-house and can assist in setting up and carrying out all kinds of tasks and assignments. Together, we ensure that a company will attain sufficient financial resources to realise its ambitions.


Ilfa has developed its own TMS: Treasury Metrics. This software ensures that your treasury processes will be fully supported. Treasury Metrics is customisable, modular, and helps to answer all kinds of questions. Do you want an overview of your liquidities? The Cash management module provides insight. Do you want insight into risks? The Risk management module immediately shows you foreign exchange, interest rate, credit, and financing risks. Do you want to internally manage the liquidities of a subsidiary? The In-house bank module offers an uncomplicated way to do this.

The software is tailored to your organisation and contains a large variety of reports that can be printed out easily. Furthermore, the system has a wide range of interfaces for both import (daily statements, ERP flows) and export formats (payment files). The software is user-friendly and suitable to all sectors of the economy.



About ZenTreasury

Cloud Treasury and Lease Accounting Software


ZenTreasury offers SaaS modules for a tailored and cost-effective Treasury and Lease Accounting System. With the help of ZenTreasury, the company manages its financing agreements efficiently throughout their life cycle and implements financial accounting reliably.

Benefit for the customer

  • Up-to-date information on all funding agreements of the organization

  • Contracts organized in the same place Market data such as exchange rates and, if necessary, interest rates are updated automatically

  • Cloud based solution (no installations, servers, etc.)

  • Export of accounting data to the ERP system

  • Versatile and flexible user management with full audit trail

Competitive advantage
With the help of ZenTreasury, customers can manage them financial agreements efficiently throughout their life cycle and implements financial accounting reliably. ZenTreasury Lease Accounting Software gives an all-in one accounting and portfolio solution to help customers achieve IFRS 16 compliance.

Cases and reference customers
Rapala, Finnair, Accountor, SOK, and many more

Modern Office
Accountant at Work

Commerzbank TMS

About Commerzbank

Commerzbank is a leading corporate bank in Europe and an important player on the global capital markets. The bank is active in more than 50 countries and supports large and medium-sized companies with tailored financing, Cash Management, trade finance and Risk Management solutions. Companies benefit from our market expertise and local presences featuring our trusted personal relationship model with extended service levels.


Commerzbank TMS is a bank-independent Treasury Management System developed to meet treasurers’ highest requirements. It provides companies comprehensive planning and analysis tools that enables a precise view of the daily financial situation as well as an outlook on future liquidity developments. The booked transactions of bank statements retrieved daily by the individual banks are matched directly with the recorded planning data. Clients can also use TMS to easily process payments and to manage treasury deals.

All these advantages can be found on a single platform, which can be accessed via an online corporate banking portal. This means that you are not dependent on complex client-server applications that need to be installed locally. A further advantage is that the system is updated annually, ensuring that it meets current regulatory requirements at all times.


ION Treasury.png

About ION Treasury

ION Treasury delivers unique treasury and risk management solutions to organizations of all sizes, offering both on-premises and cloud options. Our award-winning solutions help manage liquidity and mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risk. Together with a global community of over 1,100 clients, we are shaping the future of treasury and risk management technology. 


Best suited for companies located in Central Europe, needing regional treasury and risk specialization. ITS is a Treasury and Risk Management solution for companies based in Central Europe. With broad and deep capabilities specialized to the region across cash, payments, risk and accounting, ITS meets the needs of treasury organizations from basic to complex. It is available as an on-premises or cloud solution and implemented by our regional professional services team.

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In this comprehensive guide you will learn all you need to know about solutions for Treasurers. Whether you are just getting started or you're an experienced Treasurer, you'll find this guide packed with useful tips and information.

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