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Treasury Solutions Spotlight 
September 2021



In this edition of the Treasury Solution Spotlight, we put the spotlight on various Treasury Management Systems (TMS). This is the third in a series of TMS spotlights for 2021. 


Last year has shown us how important it is to be in control. Treasury Management Systems support corporate treasuries in their core activities. As our clients are diverse and face their own unique challenges and opportunities, so are their requirements for a TMS. In this spotlight we show several systems that are available for different types of organizations and that we regularly come across and implement in corporate environments.

Orchard Finance has a hands-on approach and experience in using, selecting and implementing a wide range of Treasury systems. For more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.

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Disclaimer: All spotlights are based on the input provided by the vendors.


Content Treasury Solutions Guide 2019 - Salmon Software Ltd. Logo.png

Salmon Software is a FinTech company specialising in Corporate Treasury Management Systems, based in Ireland with offices in the Czech Republic, UK and representation in Asia Pacific, Africa and South America.


Salmon Treasurer supports the management of sophisticated treasury operations such as cash & liquidity management, risk with unrivalled instrument coverage and flexibility for traditional or API interfacing with banks, trading platforms, rates providers, ERPs and more. This facilitates our wide range of operational areas ranging from multi-lateral intercompany netting and electronic payments to big data and interactive dashboarding.


Salmon Treasurer supports the following functional areas: Cash Management, Financial Planning, Dealing including Debt Risk Free Rates, Intercompany Processing, Risk Management, flexible Payments Processing, Accounting & Hedge Accounting interfaces, Interactive user defined on screen Reporting & more.

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ION Treasury - City Financials

ION Treasury.png

ION Treasury is the largest provider of Treasury and Risk Management solutions in the world with over 1,100 direct clients across six continents. Market-leading products include City Financials, IT2, ITS, Openlink, Reval, Treasura, and Wallstreet Suite satisfying the needs of companies of any size, budget, and IT capability.


Best suited for companies seeking strong controls and standard workflows. City Financials is a configurable Treasury and Risk Management solution designed to provide efficiency around standard treasury practices and is implemented quickly and delivered securely in the cloud. It is a cost-effective solution for multinational corporations with centralized Treasuries in need of a strong, standardized control environment. City Financials requires minimal IT support, incorporating pre-configured workflows. It provides a simple logical user experience, easily managed directly within the Treasury operation itself.

ION  Treasury - Openlink

ION Treasury.png


Best suited for large multi-national organizations with a commodity intensive supply chain or expansive volumes and Risk Management needs. Openlink is a comprehensive enterprise Treasury and Risk Management solution designed for large commodity-intensive corporations that need extensive asset class coverage to support sophisticated portfolios. Openlink provides the most holistic enterprise risk capabilities and advanced analytics across both physical and financial assets, as well as insights on cash and liquidity, all of which support greater market understanding and timely, evidence-based decision-making.

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ION Treasury - Wallstreet Suite

ION Treasury.png


Best suited for large multi-national organizations with configurable enterprise needs. Wallstreet Suite is an enterprise Treasury and Risk Management solution designed for the unique needs of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. It is a highly configurable and scalable solution, offering multi-entity support and real-time information across all asset classes. It also provides advanced analytics for business decision-making and key performance measurement.

About the Treasury Solutions Guide

Please feel free to also look into Orchard Finance's Treasury Solutions Guide which we published. In our Treasury Solutions Guide 2020 we have combined profiles of providers that offer relevant technological solutions for Treasurers ranging from small Fintech companies to large established TMS suppliers. 

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