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Treasury Solutions Spotlight 
October 2021


Bank Connectivity

In this edition of the Treasury Solution Spotlight, the spotlight is on vendors that offer a bank connectivity solution for Corporate Treasury. 


Bank connectivity solutions enable you to gain more control in your treasury activities. It reduces dependency on banks, increases security and gives daily insights in your bank accounts and cash positions. While also saving you time as most bank-related tasks are automated and can be done in one environment.


Orchard Finance has a hands-on approach and experience in using, selecting and implementing a wide range of bank connectivity systems. For more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.


The next Spotlight will focus on FX solutions. 


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Disclaimer: All spotlights are based on the input provided by the vendors.



About Fides

Fides is the global leader in multibank connectivity and transaction communications, enabling corporates to connect to any bank, in any region, through any channel. We help more than 3,500 clients communicate with over 13,000 banks and payment providers across 200 countries. With Fides, you can reach further, and connect faster.

Fides multibank connectivity and transaction communications solutions deliver critical account statement, payment workflow and reporting capabilities for treasury and finance teams. With Fides, clients can streamline their multibanking processes to achieve greater efficiency, intelligence and accuracy in their communications while securely executing and managing transactions regardless of their banking portfolio or geographic location. Whether you are using a TMS, ERP, the Fides Multibanking Suite, or any combination, Fides is the only connectivity platform you need.

Case Study

Learn how Rieter standardized its treasury processes using Fides and SAP, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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Your Central Platform for Global Bank Management

Are you spending too much time working with spreadsheets and bank portals? 


The modular Fides Multibanking Suite gives treasury staff complete visibility into and control over banking connections and transactions, with secure access from any location. Analyze cash positions, initiate transactions, and accurately forecast cash flows with ease.


Read our fact sheet to learn how you can centralize your bank accounts and make payments to anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

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Nomentia vierkant_edited.png

About Nomentia
Nomentia is a category leader within European treasury and cash
management solutions. Nomentia’s mission is to provide unparalleled
cloud treasury and cash management solutions for and with our clients.

Nomentia solves the challenges modern treasurers and cash managers face for close to 2,000 clients in over 80 countries, processing more than 800 billion euros annually. The Nomentia solutions cover the areas for global payments, bank connectivity as a service, cash-forecasting and visibility, bank account management, financial process automation, treasury workflows, FX risk, in-house banking, and trade finance.

Nomentia Bank Connectivity as a Service
With Nomentia’s bank connectivity as a service, you can easily connect with over 10 000 banks and financial institutions globally. Nomentia bank connectivity can be purchased as a standalone solution so that you can connect with your banks and make sure that your ERP’s file format is mapped to match the bank’s format. Nomentia provides host-to-host connections, SWIFT connections, and regional connectivity (such as EBICS) to reach all the banks you’re working it. We are continuously adding more banks based on requests and demand.

Nomentia creates all the connections between your banks and in-house ERPs, or treasury management systems. Connecting to the banks allows you to automatically collect all the information from the bank’s side and bring it to your preferred system regardless of the file formats. As the banks make changes to the message implementation guidelines, or communication protocols are updated, Nomentia maintains and keeps the the solution up-to-date for each bank and you can be sure that the connection and the automation work flawlessly. Continuous monitoring and end-to-end security are also part of the solution.

Unifiedpost - Payment Hub

Unifiedpost Payments.png

About Unifiedpost

As one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, we can make the entire financial supply chain simpler, whether the customer is a multinational corporation, or an SME serving a small local market.
What’s more, through Unifiedpost Payments S.A., we have secured a license to act as a payment institute from the Belgian National Bank, allowing us to create accounts and manage payments on our customers’ behalf and completing the order-to-cash value chain. As a licensed payment institute, customers can be confident that Unifiedpost Group is a credible, secure and trusted partner.
Unifiedpost Payments deals with all schemes and mechanisms that make up the payments ecosystem as we know it today.

The Unifiedpost Payment Hub is a multi-bank platform that offers host-to-host Bank connections, EBICS and SWIFT connectivity (over 10,500 financial institutions worldwide). The Hub is able to connect with multiple ERP systems, supporting any file from any system.

Build on our highly secure IT infrastructure, the Payment Hub is perfectly capable of dealing with the highest payment volumes resulting in millions of international payment and statement files processed daily.

The user-friendly hub offers an integrated and centralized overview of all your corporate payments on one platform, accessible with a secured internet connection. It is able to convert all types of payment information into the required file type you need, including SEPA standards. Besides supporting the regular domestic payment files, the Hub also supports international payment files.

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About Serrala

Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. We are a leading fintech pushing the boundaries of finance software by integrating finance and treasury into one central ecosystem for corporate payments.

Offering truly differentiated on-premise, cloud and SaaS solutions, Serrala enables the Digital Office of the CFO where all financial processes and payments are automated, and optimize. Our customers save costs, minimize risks and gain real-time insights into their world of payments. We are the only provider offering a seamlessly integrated solution portfolio to manage all inbound and outbound payments, treasury processes as well as related data and documents in any IT landscape.

Today, Serrala is a fast-growing company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and over 700 employees. Serrala drives innovation for more than 2,800 customers including more than 100 of the S&P500 companies.



About Bizcuit

The Bizcuit platform offers a wide range of SME services that software partners and banks can bring to their customers. Partners can provide their SME customers with services such as payments, cash flow management and document management – powered by Bizcuit under the hood.


Bizcuit also enables partners to connect their solution to banks, PSPs and accounting solutions via a single API. Bizcuit (Payments) is a licensed PSD2 payments service provider, enabling partners to integrate account information services and payment initiation services. Document management services include for example receiving documents via email, upload or scanning, as well as realtime document recognition. In addition, services from 3rd parties, such as lending and insurance, are available. This means you can provide your SME customers with more value. Various commercial models are available to realize a solution that is tailored to your business model.



The services offered via the Bizcuit platform can be integrated at various levels: From API-based services to an embedded frontend, to a complete (whitelabel) app. It is up to you what you want to do yourself and what you want Bizcuit to do for you. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to serve you customers better!

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About Uluru

Uluru is a Multi-Bank Payment Hub that gives small and medium sized entities an enterprise-grade solution at a market-beating price. A single platform that seamlessly improves the three key aspects of your cash management process: Payments, Cash visibility, and Monitoring.



Trying to stay on top of cash management processes that cover multiple payments with multiple banks, using different payment methods with different formats, from and to accounts all over the world, all while maintaining a clear view on your cash positions? To call it a challenge would be an understatement.


But luckily, there’s Uluru.


With Uluru, incoming and outgoing transactions from all your banks are processed through a single platform and stored in a central database. User friendly and highly efficient.


Connected to your ERP, with high levels of automation and with harmonization of bank connectivity and file formats, Uluru offers improved efficiency and a big reduction in errors. With incredible levels of visibility that provide instant insight on cash positioning to support strategic decisions.


Uluru also offers advanced monitoring capabilities for protection from fraud, risk & compliance obligations and easy reporting for internal and regulatory purposes.


Cloud-based and mobile friendly, Uluru is the Multi-Bank payment hub for today. 


To call it a solution is an understatement. Uluru is the answer.

About the Treasury Solutions Guide

Please feel free to also look into Orchard Finance's Treasury Solutions Guide which we published. In our Treasury Solutions Guide 2020 we have combined profiles of providers that offer relevant technological solutions for Treasurers ranging from small Fintech companies to large established TMS suppliers. 

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